Homeowners Associations (HOA)

Condos, Town homes, Single Family Homes, Mixed Development.

The Board of Directors have approved the annual budget and your HOA is going about collecting dues and pay its bills. Regardless of the amount of dues collected and expenses paid, you still have to file tax returns for your HOA.

HOA Tax Strategy

Accurate records of dues collected and expenses paid are necessary to make sure your HOA is not overpaying its taxes.

Quarterly board meetings that include a review of financial statements help to project any potential tax obligations.

Are You Doing These Things?

Tracking All Contractors Expenses

Tracking Insurance Payments

Tracking Legal and Professional Fees

Tracking State and Local Taxes

Projecting Major Repairs and Upgrades

Contributing to Reserve Fund

Tracking All Labor and Payroll Costs

Tracking All Supply Costs

Tracking Management Fees

Tracking Plumbing and Rotary Costs

Tracking Inspection Fees

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