Small Business

Technology, Consulting, Real Estate, Online Business, Owner Operator Truckers, Property Management, etc.

Expenses, payroll, vendors, supplies, marketing and utilities are just some of the things that will have an impact on whether your business with make a profit or carry a loss. However, you still have to file business tax returns.

Business Tax Strategy

Top of line for minimizing business taxes is to maintain accurate accounting records, so that all available deductions and credits are taken.

A monthly review of financial statements will help to make sure income and expenses are being accurately recorded; as well as provide a projected review of tax obligations.

Are You Doing These Things?

Making Sure You have the Right Business Structure

Setup a Retirement Savings Plan – SIMPLE IRA, SEP IRA, 401(k)

Accelerating Expenses

Making Charitable Contributions

Factoring In State and Local Taxes

Planning to Make Tax Payments

Tracking Travel Expenses

Tracking Vehicle Expenses

Tracking Business Loans

Tracking All Payroll Costs

Tracking All Independent Contractors Costs

Tracking Marketing and Advertising Costs

Tracking Telecommunication Costs

Tracking Inventory

Tracking Rents and Utilities

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