Documents Needed to File Taxes

In any tax filing, the document you need depends on your situation. For Personal Income Tax filing, some of the common documents needed are:

– Names and social security number for all dependents

– W-2 Forms from all employers

– Form 1099-NEC or 1099-MISC for non-employment income

– Form 1099-DIV for dividends or distributions of $10 or more

– Form 1099-INT for interest income of $10 or more

– Form 1099-G for unemployment compensation or other government payments

– Form 1099-R if you took a distribution from a retirement plan

– Form W2-G for any gambling winnings

– Mortgage Interest (Form 1098)

– Student Loan Interest Payments (Form 1098-E)

– Rental Income and Expenses Records

– Health Savings Account Forms (5498-SA or 1099-SA)

– State Tax Refund

– Charitable Donations Statement

– Medical Expenses Documentation

Get a checklist of these documents – here